Family Law Lawyers Here For You in Roanoke and Salem

From custody through to residence, alimony payments, child support and more, agreeing and maintaining appropriate care of dependents once a relationship breaks down can be a real challenge. In many cases, legal intervention is essential, particularly where there is disagreement on the best solution to child care or other issues. We recognize the importance of minimizing the distress which parental dispute can have on children and always work towards achieving a workable solution that benefits dependents.

Versatile Child Support Lawyers

Some separated parents in Botetourt, Bedford or Roanoke County will argue that they are receiving insufficient child support to ensure the well-being of their family; other protagonists will argue that the amount of child support being demanded from them is unreasonable and will leave them in danger of significant financial hardship. No matter which side of the dispute you are distressed about, our experienced legal team can work with you to maximize the chances of a successful resolution to the matter.

Custody Lawyers Available Now

Custody is a complex legal area which inevitably causes considerable heartache to all involved. We see our job as being about both providing skilled, objective legal counsel and also supporting our client in making appropriate choices and dealing with the challenges that the civil courts can present. Our team works with a wide range of local people from Roanoke, Bedford and Botetourt County to enable them to successfully navigate the trickiest of custody cases.

We Want a Successful Resolution to Your Legal Issues

Our family law lawyers will always go the extra mile to find innovative solutions to your problems, using their extensive knowledge and experience of this area of law. If you’re located in or around Bedford County and want access to one of the leading legal firms in the area, we’re here and happy to help. Give us a call now at (540) 397-3742 for an initial consultation or to find out more.