Family Law

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Some of life’s most personal decisions also have significant legal implications. Our woman-led team ensures you don’t have to navigate these complex and emotional matters alone. From divorce, custody, child support, adoption, and prenuptial agreements we offer the highest-quality representation with the utmost compassion.

Work with Versatile Child Support Lawyers

Dealing with a relationship breakdown is painful enough, much less adding to the complicated dynamics of child support, alimony, and the division of property. Whether you feel you’re receiving insufficient child support or feel that the amount of support demanded from you is causing hardship, we can help. We do everything we can to minimize distress and protect you and your children while working toward practical solutions.

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Custody issues are a complex legal area that causes considerable heartache for everyone involved. You want what’s best for your kids and our job is to provide skilled, objective legal counsel so you can make informed choices for your child’s wellbeing. We’ve developed unique legal strategies for supporting you through civil court challenges. Our team works with a wide range of local people from Roanoke, Salem, Franklin, Montgomery, and Botetourt County to enable them to navigate even the most difficult custody cases successfully.

We Achieve Successful Resolutions to Your Family Legal Issues

Using our extensive knowledge and experience, our family law attorneys will always go the extra mile to find innovative solutions that protect you and your children. Make an appointment today with our divorce and child custody lawyers at Steidle & Gordon.