Sympathetic Divorce Lawyers in Roanoke, Salem, Bedford and Botetourt County

With around half of marriages ending in divorce, it’s inevitable that a good proportion of the people living or working near our legal practice are sadly going to need appropriate advice on the divorce process. If you have decided that your marriage is at an end, prompt legal counsel is essential. We can advise on the correct process to follow, help with an equable distribution of assets and assist with custody arrangements. Our empathetic, supportive team will always go the extra mile to help our clients through this difficult process locally throughout Bedford, Botetourt and Roanoke County.

We Strive To Achieve an Amicable Solution

Divorce is never an easy matter to deal with. Almost invariably, one or both parties feel a range of negative emotions towards the situation, including anger, guilt and jealousy. In these emotionally challenging circumstances, dealing calmly and objectively with the other party can seem impossible. Unfortunately, an adversarial approach not only frequently fails to achieve a suitable settlement; it can also significantly escalate costs. Our aim is to provide effective mediation services for residents near Roanoke, Bedford and Botetourt County that enable both parties to reach a speedy resolution regarding “who gets what”.

Custody Arrangements

Children frequently get caught up in the middle when it comes to divorce proceedings, which is why it’s important that custody and residency matters are sorted out as soon as possible. Stability for the child and securing good communication between the parents to ensure the well-being of dependents is always a key priority. Our experienced legal team can work with you to ensure that your loved ones are protected as far as possible from the misery which divorce can cause.

Competent, Caring and Compassionate

Our divorce lawyers have been providing a high caliber legal service to local residents for some years now, offering both excellent legal advice and a supportive, positive presence which is always reassuring to clients involved in the divorce process. If you need assistance with your divorce, or any other legal matters, call us now at (540) 397-3742.