Court Resources

Did you know that the Virginia Court System has a website? Did you know that it’s super helpful?


Here are a few things you can find on this website:

  1. Court dates

Ever get charged for something and then immediately forget when your court date is? The Virginia Court System Website has it all there for you to look up! Unless your case is under the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, your hearing date will be on the website.

  1. Charges

You remember being arrested, but you’ve forgotten your charge. Look it up on the website! There is also a link that will tell you what the charge code means.

  1. Mediation Resources

If you’re trying to stay away from the courtroom and work your divorce, custody, civil suit, etc. out with the opposing party, you can give mediation a try. There is a link to a directory of mediators as well as frequently asked questions.

  1. A system to pay your traffic tickets and other violations

You can pay before or after your court date and you can do it all without leaving the comfort of your home! But remember, if you prepay, you are essentially pleading guilty!

  1. Information on programs in which you may have been ordered to participate.

Were you ordered to attend VASAP? Are you wondering what VASAP is? All the information you need to know about this any many other programs is on this website.

  1. Forms

Any form you need! It’s here!

  1. Directories

Do you want to know if your favorite lawyer is a Guardian Ad Litem? Check the GAL directory! (and by the way, yes, David Steidle and Brittany Furr ARE Guardians Ad Litem!)

  1. Judicial Council reports to the general assembly! How fun is that?